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Online discussion: Energy community project cluster meeting

Renewable energy
09 Apr 2024
Clock 11 : 00 - 12 : 30 CEST
Location Online
By Platform

On 09 April 2024, the Policy Learning Platform is hosting an online discussion on the energy community project cluster meeting.

The increasing attention from local and regional policymakers underscores the rising significance of renewable energy communities as a potent facilitator of the ongoing energy transition. Recognizing their potential, these communities are viewed as crucial contributors to shaping and accelerating the shift towards sustainable energy practices. 

What to expect 

Presentation of the Interreg Europe energy community projects cluster, that features four initiatives, including ShareRES, LEEWAY, REC4EU, and SIreNERGY, each providing concise presentations on their consortium, focus areas, achievements, 2024 plans, areas seeking input, and potential cooperation opportunities.

Then, a structured discussion will entail the identification of common areas for collaboration, leveraging collaborative tools to highlight project needs, and collectively shaping thematic priorities for future events. This strategic approach aims to address crucial issues within the energy community projects, fostering effective cooperation and advancing shared goals in the realm of renewable energy and sustainable practices.

This online discussion is invite-only.