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What is the 20% flexibility rule?

By Joint secretariat
Staff presents video on the Interreg Europe 20% flexibility rule

You often ask us if it is possible to make small changes to your budget during your project's implementation. The answer is yes!

You can adjust your partner's individual budgets (section F.1 of the latest approved application form) within a limit of 20% without changing your application form or, in most cases, obtaining our approval. 

We've put together a video to show you just how simple it is and what conditions you need to follow.

Watch the video

Understanding the 20% flexibility rule to make small changes to your budget.
The conditions to follow

There are a few conditions you must follow when applying the 20% flexibility rule:

  • Individual partners' budgets can increase by up to 20% only
  • The total ERDF of the project cannot increase
  • There are limits on Norwegian partners
  • You must properly justify the changes in your progress report
Getting help and support

If you have any doubts, you should always contact your policy officer for advice. 

You should also read section 5.3.7 'Changes to the project budget' of the programme manual. And for recommendations on minor changes to external expertise, services and equipment cost categories, see section 3.5 'Drawing up a project budget'.