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Using energy in a smarter way

By Joint secretariat

It is time to explore the results of one last project working on low-carbon economy.
Today, we propose to get inspired by the project SET-UP.

SET-UP helps regions to invest in better ways to use and reuse energy at the local level by encouraging the development of smart grids (a system that uses digital technologies to mix and adapt different energy uses).

What have they achieved?

The partners coming from 6 different European countries had the same challenge of managing a smart and sustainable energy transition but had different levels of knowledge or experience of smart grids. Watch the SET-UP video to see how partners benefited from the project and how they have reached several common conclusions.

Exchanging between peers and comparing different approaches allowed them to come up with solutions to improve public policies and better use public funds. For example the project led to change calls for proposals of the ERDF Operational Programme of Brittany, France making energy conversion a criterion for eligibility.

Want to know more?

You can check the action plans of the different partners of SET-UP or have a look at our results page.

Have you missed the other results published on low-carbon economy or on other topics? Find our articles on results starting with the story of the project RAISE on SME competitivenes.

In the coming days we will be featuring projects on environment and resource efficiency, stay tuned!

Photo by Arqm Ahmd on Unsplash