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Low-Tech cycling tour in Lorient to develop solutions

By Project FEEL

At the end of December 2023, in conjunction with the FEEL Project, ALOEN brought together around thirty people involved in low-tech initiatives in the Lorient region to discuss the question: "How to promote a low-tech community in the Lorient region?

A Low-tech community was then launched, with the creation of a logo and a common project aim : The organisation of a Low-Tech Tour.

The Low-Tech Tour will take place from 8 to 16 June 2024.

On the programme: a week of discovery made up of 9 stages, crossing 9 different towns in the region, and the setting up of several low-tech projects, enriched by meetings and exchanges, all by bike.

It's a 110km cycle ride to meet the local low-tech players.

 The Low-tech tour has several objectives:

  • To raise awareness of the low-tech initiatives in the region and promote them through the creation of a local network, the Low-tech Lab Pays de Lorient;
  • To provide a collective voice for low-tech in the region;
  • Encourage residents to adopt simpler, more sustainable and more desirable lifestyles;
  • Document the experiences of the community's low-tech ambassadors to show what is possible and provide inspiration for others.

"Through this initiative and the launch of the Low-tech Tour, we want to raise awareness and mobilise local people around their essential needs (housing, food, mobility, etc.) and help them discover the low-tech solutions that can help us with greater respect for available resources and the environment around us".

The fact that we are cycling around the Pays de Lorient to meet all these players  is a strong sign of our commitment to promoting and preserving our natural environment, between land and sea. "says Lisa Croyere, ALOEN Project Manager. 

A full week of low-tech discoveries and participative work-

camps open to all.

Creating innovative frugal solutions

Here are a few examples:

● A visit an eco-location with low-tech housing

● Visit to a farm drive and a recycling centre

● Presentation of a cooperative shared workshop

● Visit to the Kerguer learning farm, with work inclusion through market gardening.

● Cinema evening powered by bicycles (electromuscular power station).

● Organisation of a "repair coffee" bikes, small equipment, computers, clothes, etc.

● Visit to Aezeo, a centre for training and creating heating systems

● Closing the Low-tech Tour with a Low-tech festival.

Citizen engagement
Energy transition
Innovation activity
Net zero
Urban mobility