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Highlights from our annual report 2022

By Joint secretariat
Annual implementation report 2022 citizens summary intro

We have just sent our annual implementation report for 2022 to the European Commission. You can find a brief summary about our programme's performance below.

By the end of 2022, the projects prepared 1,668 action plans, translating the lessons learned from their work into concrete actions in their regions. The projects also implemented 124 pilot actions inspired by good practices shared by the project partners. 237 projects (out of 258 in total) reported 1,048 policy improvements linked to their project work. 51% of these involved the Structural Funds programmes. Over 1 billion euros were mobilised to implement these improvements. You can find out about our projects' activities on their websites and the project results' page.

Our Policy Learning Platform continued to offer thematic events and expert support services. Our expert-validated good practice database kept growing and has over 3,000 good practices now.

You can find the key information about our last year's work in the citizens' summary. More detail is available in the full report below.