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Green spaces in urban environments

By Joint secretariat

What can we do to make our cities and regions greener? The PERFECT project offers some inspiration.

Focusing on green infrastructure, the project is demonstrates how greenery in urban settings provides social, economic and environmental benefits. And PERFECT does so by going beyond ideas and visions – it provides some very practical tools and tangible solutions. Get a glimpse of what the project partners in Slovakia took away from the project in the video below.

What have they achieved?

In Slovakia, the Bratislava Karlova Ves municipality and their stakeholders have built up strong justification for the better protection and promotion of green infrastructure based on the learnings and experiences from the project. Beyond the actions at the local level, the influence is felt also at the national level. Two new laws on construction and spatial planning will include chapters on green infrastructure in urban planning of towns and cities in Slovakia. 

In the UK, the Town and Country Planning Association (lead partner of PERFECT) is also influencing national policy. The good practices from PERFECT are feeding into the further elaboration of the national planning policy and shaping of a new green infrastructure standards framework in England to deliver more high-quality green infrastructure. 

And that covers just some of the project partners! Altogether eight partners from seven countries (UK, Hungary, Austria, Netherlands, Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy) are sharing experiences and good practices in the project, so green infrastructure is definitely a hot topic around Europe.



(‘Multi Advatanges of Green Infrastructure in Cities’) developed in the PERFECT project helped the Slovak partners to demonstrate that green infrastructure brings real benefits and a tangible impact for the citizens.

The good practices and exchange of experiences among partners in the project provide inspiration for developing and delivering more robust green infrastructure.

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