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Technical issues

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Can I update my community account's email address?

No, you cannot update your community account's email address.

You joined our online community using your email address, but now it is not used anymore and you have a new email address. You cannot update it.

You need to create a new account with your new email address. You can get in touch with us if you wish to transfer your good practices or project ideas to your new account.

I forgot my Interreg Europe password

You are trying to log into the Interreg Europe community or the Portal, but you cannot remember your password.

Follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. On the homepage, in the top right corner, click the 'login' menu and select 'Reset password'
  2. Enter your email address and click 'send'
  3. You will receive an email from our Portal with a link. Click the link.
  4. You will arrive at the Portal website. Enter a new password and confirm.

New password

Your password should be at least 14 characters and have one capital letter.

I am not receiving the email to reset my password

You've tried to reset your password, but you are not receiving the email from the Portal in your inbox.

  1. Check your spam folder
  2. Speak with your IT department to make sure your institution is not blocking automatic emails coming from our website and Portal ([email protected])

If you have tried the two steps above, but are still not receiving the email, get in touch with us.

Make sure you let us know what steps you have already tried.

I get an error message when I log into my account

You created a community account, but when you try to login, you get an error message saying:

'The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.'

The information in your account might be incomplete. Please get in touch with us.

Who is allowed to edit my project website?

Your project can assign as many people as needed to edit the project website.

They will need an account in the Interreg Europe community and your lead partner or project admin will have to give them editing rights via the Portal.

How do I add or change the web admin of my project website?

Your lead partner or project admin is responsible for assigning the web admin role to the person in charge of editing your project’s website via the Portal.

The lead partner needs to:

  1. Log into the Portal and access the project area
  2. Go to the ‘Project users’ section
  3. Select the user who needs to edit the project website
  4. Assign them the ‘web admin’ role under ‘Roles in project’
  5. Click save

How do I edit my project website?

If you have the right to edit your project’s website:

  1. Log into your Interreg Europe community account
  2. From your account menu, select ‘Project websites’
  3. In your dashboard, find the project website you wish to edit
  4. Click ‘Edit project’

You should arrive at your website’s editing tool. Download and follow the instructions in the user manual for more details.

If you do not see any project websites in your dashboard, ask your lead partner to provide you with editing rights.