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Good practices

What is a good practice, how to submit and where to find them.

What is a good practice?

A good practice is defined as an initiative related to regional development policy which has proved to be successful in a region and which is of potential interest to other regions.

Proved successful...

is when the good practice has provided tangible and measurable results in achieving a specific objective.

Although we primarily refer to good practices, valuable learning can also come from unsuccessful practices. Lessons learnt from unsuccessful experiences are also taken into consideration in the exchange of experience process. You can find more information in our programme manual

Examples of good practices can be found in the good practice database.

How can I submit a good practice?

You can submit good practices from several points on the website. Take a look below to start submitting your good practices today. 

Step 1

You can submit a good practice by going to your profile menu on the top right when logged into your account.

In the list, find good practices, click on the option and you will be directed to your personal good practices dashboard. 

Image of profile menu

Step 2

Once you arrive in your good practices dashboard, you will see a big blue button. 

Click on the button to start the process of submitting a good practice. 

View of good practice dashboard submission button

Before submitting your good practice, you can work on it in the good practice template. Or click here to start your submission now. 

You can also explore more information about additional features of your good practice dashboard. 

If your good practice is linked to a project or if you are a lead partner or a project web admin, have a look also at our guidance note about good practice validation.


Useful documents

Where can I find good practices?

Our good practices database consists of a wide variety of examples that have been put forward by our projects and validated by Platform Experts. Start exploring them below.