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This page contains information on the bodies responsible for Structural Funds programmes and on the project control system in Germany. You can also find the list of contacts to the German Länder representatives to ask for country-specific information relevant for Interreg Europe.


List of Structural Funds programmes

Please see with the representatives of specific German Länder for more information and details about the managing authorities and intermediate bodies of the Structural Funds programmes in Germany. The contact list is available at the top of this page.

You can also find the list of managing authorities at the European Commission's search page. Select Germany for the latest information.

Control system

This section provides information on the system set up for control in Germany for 2021-2027.

The control system

Germany uses a decentralised control system.

The approbation body will approve an independent, qualified controller based on a proposal made by the project partner.

The costs

The costs resulting from the control are borne by the project partners and can be reported as eligible costs in compliance with the relevant EU regulations and programme rules. These costs should therefore be planned in the project budget.

On-the-spot checks

For projects with a pilot action  including infrastructure and/or equipment costs, a compulsory on-the-spot check has to be carried out. The check should be carried out once the relevant costs incurred. A proper timing has to be ensured by the designated controller.

In addition and for all other projects also, on-the-spot-checks can be carried out if the designated controller deems that is has an added value.

On-the-spot-checks may be performed remotely in justified cases.

National guidance

Check out the list of approbation bodies below.

Publications in German

Check out the 'manual' on how to benefit from the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform services, prepared by Hessen.

Get inspired

Have a look at the German content on our website. Scroll through our project ideas and good practices or contact our German community members and organisations.