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Webinar recording: What is workplace training and why is it relevant for regions?

By Platform

On 12 March 2021, the Policy Learning Platform hosted a webinar on the topic of workplace training.

The first session of the three-part webinar-miniseries provided an overview of recent and ongoing European initiatives on how to develop skills and bring them to SMEs. Keynote speaker Mr. Norbert Schöbel talked about the European Pillar of Social Rights, the Skills Agenda, the Erasmus programme, the renewed European Alliance for Apprenticeships and the support offered to SMEs.

Webinar recording

Webinar agenda overview

Moderation and concept by: Mart Veliste and Luc Schmerber, Thematic Experts of SME Competitiveness.

Navigate to the discussion topics of interest in the webinar agenda overview below.

00:00:07 Introduction to the Policy Learning Platform services and topic by Mart Veliste.

00:07:43 Keynote speech by Norbert Schöbel on ongoing and recent workplace training initiatives in Europe.

Panel Discussion

00:16:48 Q&A There is a threat of large youth unemployment because of the COVID 19 pandemic. What can regions do about this? How can these initiatives (workplace training, apprenticeships, vocational training) help?  

00:19:23 Q&A Do you see inter-company training as a specific potential, a specific importance in the European programs and activities? Is there a sectorial focus?

00:23:35 Q&A What are National Apprenticeship Coalitions? Can you give us more details?

00:25:06 Q&A How can regions encourage SMEs to be willing to take on these trainees from schools especially during the COVID 19 pandemic? Do you have any other advice?

00:27:13 Q&A Can you explain and elaborate on micro-credentials as tools for lifelong learning?

00:28:46 Q&A Do the minimum standards on micro-credentials imply the certification/accreditation of the training providers?  

Key Learnings

  • After the 2008 economic crisis, young people were one of the most vulnerable groups with record high unemployment figures. There is a threat that something similar might happen in the post- Covid-2019 recovery era. Regions need to make sure that they have the right measures in place to support youth employment or training.
  • Luckily, the Recovery and Resilience Facility has also dedicated additional funding for reskilling and upskilling the European labour force.
  • Inter company training practices are an interesting solution to pooling companies’ resources for the same goal.
  • Micro-credentials are a new tool of lifelong learning that offer more flexible and modular learning opportunities.

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 Credit: Picture by Stas Knop from Pexels