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Open innovation to foster SME growth

Policy brief
By Platform
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In this policy brief, you can find approaches for increasing the innovation capacities of businesses building on the open innovation paradigm. Being originally defined for use in business strategies, the understanding of open innovation has widened, and it is no longer limited to considering the perspective of single entities (businesses).

It now embraces the interaction of multiple actors within regional ecosystems. Open innovation has turned into a model for policymakers to sustain regional innovation performance.

In this policy brief, we present some approaches to how local, regional, and national authorities can contribute to promoting and fostering innovation and innovation-driven entrepreneurship based on the open innovation paradigm and building on successful practices from the Interreg Europe projects’ community.

The following approaches are highlighted:

  • Opening up businesses to the innovation potential of students

  • Opening up businesses to the innovation potential of start-ups

  • Open innovation approaches on a regional scale

Download the policy brief below to explore the approaches and highlighted good practices from Interreg Europe projects. 

Open innovation