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Integrated territorial development to fight depopulation

Peer review
By Platform
group oh people in coimbra on stairs

On 16 and 17 May 2023, the Policy Learning Platform organised an on-site peer review for the benefit of the Intermunicipal Community of Coimbra Region (CIM-RC), on the topic of integrated territorial development to fight depopulation.


The main challenge

The main focus of this peer review is population; how to promote the birth rate and the provision of essential basic services, attract investment and support for the establishment in the region of entrepreneurs, qualified and highly qualified professionals

Peers from across Europe

Alongside Rene Tonnisson and Luc Schmerber, our thematic experts, four excellent peers participated in the peer review:

  • Urpo Johannes Moisio, Regional Council of South Karelia, Finland
  • Alberto Lorente Saiz, CREA 360 SL (Municipality of Medina del Campo), Spain
  • Pellervo Kokkonen, Savonlinna Development Services Ltd. (SDS), Finland
  • Osman Saidabdala, Association of Local Authorities Västernorrland, Sweden
  • Shift from growth policy to smart adaptation policy - From economic development policy toward ‘revitalization policy’.
  • Strengthening « soft » attraction especially with regard to rural areas, service innovation, valorization of heritage, promoting flexible accessibility to housing and property. Activate communication with key target groups.
  • Attracting new skills to the region through the development of multilocal lifestyle opportunities. Inclusion of second-home owners and part-time residents based on interests and skills.
  • Green innovative solutions to increase the competitiveness SMEs and as drivers for sustainable development in the rural regions.

Peer review report

Download the full peer review report including the recommendations below. 

Territorial development