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Better governance for Cultural and Creative industries

Peer review
By Platform
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On 27 and 28 June 2023, the Policy Learning Platform organised a peer review for the benefit of Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.


    The main challenge addressed

    Supporting the regional creative economy through efficient public governance

    Peers from across Europe

    Alongside Elena Ferrario, our Thematic Manager, Rene Tõnnisson and Luc Schmerber our thematic experts, four peers were invited, and participated in the peer review:

    • Christina Koch, Austria Wirtschaftsservice
    • Gisa Schosswohl, Kreativwirtschaft, Austria
    • Jessica Fuller, Western Development Commission, Ireland
    • Elena Mengotti, Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region, Italy

    The peers came together to share their experiences and to provide recommendations on developing regional-level support policies for the cultural and creative industries bringing together cultural and economic perspectives.

    Some of the main elements of discussions are detailed here below.

    • Different approaches on how to overcome traditional policy silos addressing CCIs – typical different cultural and economic policies were presented. They have in common the emphasis on establishing strong evidence (data, mapping) of the CCIs and their weight in the economy, as well as the creation of stable working groups bringing different stakeholders together.
    • CCIs need to be mentioned in the regional sustainable smart specialisation strategies (S4) to become more visible on the policy level.
    • While some cultural activities definitely require specific support, CCIs with a clear economic purpose are usually not required to be treated differently from other sectors. However, they might need specific actions to enable them to access the usual funding mechanisms. This is due to their strong emphasis on intangible assets.
    • Shared roadmaps are elaborated based on a bottom-up process involving all relevant actors, in order to identify and understand their needs properly.
    • Roadmaps should not be designed based on top-down policy priorities: this will not generate commitment and ownership across the stakeholders.
    • CCIs are already involved in a large number of value chains; however, this is often not well documented.
    • Specific call for projects or matchmaking events involving traditional companies and CCIs can contribute effectively to increase cross-fertilisation activities.
    • Local incubators or cultural operators both are mostly well-connected to their territories. They can be activated in different ways to reach out to CCIs and develop new activities and services answering specific local needs.


    The host’s policy challenges and all the peer suggestions can be found in the follow-up report, which will be published soon.

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