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1st RSG meeting in Central Macedonia

05 Jul 2016
Clock 09 : 00 - 12 : 00 CEST
Location In person
The first Regional Stakeholders’ Group Meeting of PURE COSMOS was held in Thessaloniki on 5th July 2016 in the premises of the Regional Authority of Central Macedonia, by PP6-ANATOLIKI SA.
Representatives of regional and local authorities, Chambers, Social Networks, incubators, Research and Academic Institutions and ANATOLIKI SA were present and exchanged opinions and good practices.
During RSG meeting , discussion pointed out problems in investment environment, such as the centralized module of government which leaves the regional and local authorities with little power, the lack of “open data” on SMEs licencing which doesn’ t ensure transparency and fair competition, the bureaucracy and time-consuming procedures for licencing which discourage social partnerships and start-ups, the economic crisis which made SMEs more introvert and unwilling to participate in surveys or recording procedures and last but not least the immaturity of SMEs to incorporate academic research results. 
The Regional Stakeholder Group showed interest in bringing about change but often find it hard to fight the centralized procedures which are binding. Discussion also revealed digital good practices such as the digital commercial centre of municipalities, the electronic medical prescribing, the transparency site https://diavgeia.gov.gr/ where every governmental /public cost must be uploaded and the General trade Register of the Chambers that serve several types of enterprises ( apart from SA), in starting up procedures, in digital signing, in advice, in issuing documents etc 
The meeting ended with the work plan of RSG and the happy consent of members to meet again in November. 
Bodies that were represented were :
• Regional Authority of Central Macedonia
• Regional Development Fund
• Regional Municipalities’ Union of Central Macedonia
• Municipality of Thessaloniki
• Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Thessaloniki
• Professional Chamber of Thessaloniki
• Centre of Research and Technology Hellas
• Greek International Business Association
• Aristotle University of Thessaloniki-Office of technology transfer
• Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki (ATEITH)
• IT Companies Association -Northern Greece
• Network of social cooperatives of Central Macedonia
• THERMI SA Incubator
• Development agency of Eastern Thessaloniki’s local authorities –ANATOLIKI SA