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Entrepreneurship in rural areas with population decline

29 May 2024
Clock 08 : 30 - 20 : 00 CEST
Location In person
By Platform
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On 29 May 2024, the Policy Learning Platform is pleased to invite you to a workshop on entrepreneurship in rural areas with population decline in Burgos, Spain!

What it will be about 

Entrepreneurship is key for reviving rural areas facing population decline, aiming to boost local economies and support individual ventures. Challenges include limited resources, lack of entrepreneurial tradition, small labor markets, and distant education opportunities.

Yet, rural areas offer unique assets like natural resources and tight-knit communities.

What to expect 

This workshop is focused on promoting entrepreneurship in rural areas through interactive sessions. Participants will collaborate to design effective methods and set strategic objectives for fostering entrepreneurship. Key topics include policy developments, youth entrepreneurship, gender dimensions, and digital opportunities.

The workshop will feature presentations, discussions, and networking opportunities to facilitate collaboration and partnership building.