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AI for local authorities and policymakers

07 Nov 2023
Clock 14 : 00 - 15 : 30 CET
Location Online
By Platform
Person taking photo at event

This webinar has ended. You can watch the recording, access the presentations and discover the key learnings in this follow-up article.



On 7 November 2023, from 14:00 to 15:30 CET, the Policy Learning Platform is hosting a webinar on the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for local authorities and policymakers

Artificial Intelligence...

has a transformative power over the way we live and work. It has a growing impact on local authorities too as AI can be used to help them automate tasks, improve decision-making, and enhance citizen engagement.

For example, it can be used to create chatbots or virtual assistants that can answer citizen queries, provide information, and even help citizens complete tasks online.

Regarding decision-making, AI algorithms can be used to analyse large amounts of data quickly and accurately. This can help local governments make more informed decisions about issues such as traffic management, waste management, and public safety.

In this webinar, we will explore the benefits of AI for local authorities and how it can be implemented effectively. In addition, we will discuss the latest milestones at the European level towards a legal framework for AI.

What you can expect

Keynote speech on the latest milestones towards a European legal framework for AI 

  • By Guido Rink, Member of the European Committee of the Regions, rapporteur of the Opinion paper on the European Approach to Artificial Intelligence

AI for local authorities: frontrunner initiatives across the EU

  • By Margaret Quinn, programme manager at ERNACT (ENAIBLER)

Good practices within public funding programmes to foster the trustworthy use of AI

  • By Christina Koch, Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH,

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