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This page contains information on the bodies responsible for Structural Funds programmes and on the project control system in Croatia. You may also speak directly with the Interreg Europe representatives in Croatia. 



Ministry of Regional Development and EU funds

Miramarska cesta 22
Zagreb, 10 000

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List of Structural Funds programmes

Download the latest list of managing authorities and intermediate bodies responsible for Structural Funds programmes in each country. Select the HR tab for information about Croatia.

Control system

This section provides information on the system set up for control in Croatia for the 2021-2027 programming period.

The control system

Croatia uses a centralised control system.

The approbation body

Address Contact

Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds (MRDEUF)
Sector for Control
Miramarska cesta 22,
10 000 Zagreb, Croatia


Josip Malogorski
+385 (0)1 64 00 668

The costs

The Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds (MRDEUF) will not charge costs for control for Croatian partners involved in an Interreg Europe project. 

On-the-spot checks

On-the-spot verifications of individual projects are carried out by the controllers at the premises of the controlled beneficiary and/or in any other place where the project is being implemented (e.g. at project event/meeting, at the place of physical project output or virtually).

For projects chosen for performance of on-the-spot checks, on-the-spot checks will be conducted when in the reporting period infrastructure/works/equipment have been reported and at the latest upon completion of project implementation, i.e., after the last expenditure has been incurred and before validation of the last report.

In addition, further on-the-spot checks may be performed in accordance with potential risk identified during project implementation.

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