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This page contains information on the bodies responsible for Structural Funds programmes and on the project control system in Bulgaria. You may also speak directly with the Interreg Europe representatives in Bulgaria. 



Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works

Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works 
17-19 St. St. Cyril and Methodius 
Sofia 1202

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Bodies responsible for Structural Funds programmes

Download the latest list of managing authorities and intermediate bodies responsible for Structural Funds programmes in each country. Select the BG tab for information about Bulgaria.

This section provides information about the control system and national guidance set up in Bulgaria for the 2021-2027 programming period. 

The control system

Bulgaria uses a centralised control system.

The control body

Address Contact

Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works“
Territorial Cooperation Management” Directorate
9 “Stefan Karadzha” str.,
Sofia 1000, Bulgaria


Viktor Stoyanov
+ 359 2 94 05 574

The costs

The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works will not charge costs for control for Bulgarian partners involved in an Interreg Europe project.

On-the-spot checks

For projects where partners report equipment and/ or infrastructure & works costs related to a pilot action, at least one "on-the-spot check" should be carried out during the project lifetime.

For a project not reporting pilot equipment/infrastructure costs –  a check could also be organised  if risks are identified.


This section provides information on the system set up for the first level control in Bulgaria for the 2014-2020 programming period. 

The costs associated with this control are indicated so that they can be planned for in project budgets. 

The system

Bulgaria uses a decentralised control system.

A shortlist of eligible external controllers is established at national level. The short list will be published by the end of the first reporting period at the latest. 

How is a controller nominated?

Step one
Before the end of each reporting period, the Bulgarian project partner sends a request for the 'nomination of a controller listed in the shortlist of controllers' to: 

Address Contact

Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works 
Territorial Cooperation Management Directorate 
9 str. Stefan Karadzha 
Sofia - 1000,
Fax: +359 2 94 05 487


Ms Desislava Georgieva 
Director General of Territorial Cooperation Management 
+359 2 94 05 487

Step two 
Based on a request from the project partners, the Territorial Cooperation Management Directorate within the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works selects the controller in accordance with respective national rules from the list of external independent controllers. 

Step three
The Territorial Cooperation Management Directorate will then inform the nominated controller and the partner of the nomination and will invite them to fill, sign and submit a "checklist for approbation of first level controllers" to the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works. 

Step four
Following reception of the document and after checking that the nominated controller is independent from project activities and finances the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works will authorise the controller to carry out the Interreg Europe project by issuing a first level control approbation certificate. 

Step five
The project partner must themselves contract the authorised external controller. A template of the service contract between the project partner and the controller is provided by the National Authority. 

The costs

The costs resulting from the control can be reported as eligible external expertise costs in compliance with the relevant EU regulations and programme rules. 

The contract between the project partner and the FLC determines the exact remuneration payable by the partner to the controller for the control exercised for each specific project (BGN 2400 = EUR 1227.12 per year or BGN 1200 = EUR 613.56 for six months). 

On-the-spot checks

The first level controllers will carry out on-the-spot-checks once every reporting period for each project partner. 

For more information on the control system in Bulgaria, please contact the national point of contact

The Bulgarian Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, acting as National Authority on the implementation of the Interreg Europe programme will conclude a contract with each Bulgarian beneficiary/partner for providing national co-financing from the state budget up to 15% of the Bulgarian partner budget in the project. 

The national co-financing will be contracted after the signing pf the subsidy contract for the project between the lead partner and the managing authority/joint secretariat of the Interreg Europe programme and after the submissions of all necessary documents in accordance with national rules. 

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