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This page contains information on the bodies responsible for Structural Funds programmes and on the project control system in Bulgaria. You may also speak directly with the Interreg Europe representatives in Bulgaria. 



Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works

Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works 
17-19 St. St. Cyril and Methodius 
Sofia 1202

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List of Structural Funds programmes

Download the latest list of managing authorities and intermediate bodies responsible for Structural Funds programmes in each country. Select the BG tab for information about Bulgaria.

Control system

This section provides information about the control system and national guidance set up in Bulgaria for the 2021-2027 programming period. 

The control system

Bulgaria uses a centralised control system.

The control body

Address Contact

Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works“
Territorial Cooperation Management” Directorate
9 “Stefan Karadzha” str.,
Sofia 1000, Bulgaria


Viktor Stoyanov
+ 359 2 94 05 574

The costs

The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works will not charge costs for control for Bulgarian partners involved in an Interreg Europe project.

On-the-spot checks

For projects where partners report equipment and/ or infrastructure & works costs related to a pilot action, at least one "on-the-spot check" should be carried out during the project lifetime.

For a project not reporting pilot equipment/infrastructure costs –  a check could also be organised  if risks are identified.

Get inspired

Have a look at the Bulgarian content on our website. Scroll through our project ideas and good practices, or contact our Bulgarian community members and organisations. 

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