All material concerning REPLACE

In this Library section, all documents regarding REPLACE are available to download in pdf format.

A dedicated folder per each project event is displayed, namely:

1) Kick-off Meetings in Brussels during the most important annual kermesse for local and regional governance: the European Week of Region and Cities. 

  • REPLACE 1st public conference 10/10/2019 at the European Economic and Social Committee premises, formally accredited as an official side event of the European Week of Region and Cities. 
  • REPLACE Kick-off Meeting with 1st Steering Committee 11/10/2019 at the Catalunya Government Delegation premises.

2) REPLACE 1st Learning Event 03-04/12/2019 in Leeuwarden, hosted by Fryslan Province and REPLACE 1st circularity tour

3) REPLACE Newsletter

4) REPLACE deliverables 

  • Outputs achieved during the implementation of the first semester

5) REPLACE learning web-meeting 01/04/2020 focusing on the circular economy assessment criteria

6) REPLACE 2nd web-meeting 20/05/2020 introducing the cross-regional synergies learning output

7) REPLACE 3rd web-meeting 25/06/2020 first results from the Local Analysis application

8) REPLACE communication web-meeting 02/07/2020 to organize stakeholder engagement

9) REPLACE 4th web-meeting 08/07/2020 to arrange the work-plan for semester 3 taking into account the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic and to discuss the completion of semester 2

10) REPLACE 5th web-meeting 10/09/2020 to kick-start the work plan for semester 3 and to present the proceedings of the Circularity Benchmark 

11) Stakeholder meetings: 06/08/2020 Lazio Region

12) REPLACE Brochures

13) REPLACE 6th web-meeting 08/10/2020 to introduce the Action Plan Development