Project good practices


Summary: REDU a project inspired by the NGO’s vision and was developed on the basis of its previous experiences devoted to capacity building for sustainable development.

Location: Nord-Est, Romania (România)

Urban Centre of Good Initiatives - CUIB

Summary: Mai bine (For the Better) Association has started promoting slow food, fair trade certified exotic ingredients, reduction of meat and local consumption.

Location: Nord-Est, Romania (România)

"Hamburg Bottle" - Introducing a closed loop of plastics

Summary: Establishing a closed local cycle of plastics involving all different stakeholders of a product’s value chain by introducing a bottle for the city of Hamburg.

Location: Hamburg, Germany (Deutschland)

Circular and Wood Construction in Hamburg

Summary: Introducing circular aspects in construction, both by avoiding unnecessary demolition and related waste and the usage of recycled and renewable materials.

Location: Hamburg, Germany (Deutschland)

Centro Geen Deal project (Centro GD)

Summary: Centro GD has the goal of addressing the challenges in public procurement to promote its use as a tool to foster the transition to a Circular Economy

Location: Centro (PT), Portugal

Delights of Crete (DoC)

Summary: Delights of Crete (DoC) cluster aims at promoting the Cretan diet and its products while encouraging the respect for the environment and the cultural heritage.

Location: Κρήτη, Greece (Ελλαδα)

: Institutional Pact for the Valorisation of the Circular Economy...

Summary: In December 2019, CCDRC proposed an Institutional Pact for the Valorisation of the Circular Economy to all active entities (public/private) operating in Centro.

Location: Centro (PT), Portugal

VCF: Circular Friesland Association

Summary: In 2016, VCF started as a local association to strengthen circular economy in Friesland, by connecting 25 businesses: today it involves more than 100 companies!

Location: Friesland (NL), Netherlands (Nederland)

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