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Bringing back nature to the city

On 31 May and 1 June 2023, join us in Ghent to meet with peers and policymakers and discuss bringing back nature to the city.

What will it be about?

In 2022, the EU proposed the Nature Restoration Law to restore damaged EU ecosystems from wetlands, rivers, and forests, to urban environments and to bring nature back across Europe.

The aim

is to cover at least 20% of the EU's land and sea areas by 2030. With nature restoration measures and to scale up existing experiences of nature restoration measures such as rewilding, returning trees, and greening cities.

This should help reverse the decline of pollinator populations, achieve no net loss of green urban spaces and a minimum of 10% tree canopy cover in every European city, town, and suburb.

This should also help achieve a net gain of green space integrated into buildings and infrastructure, as well as an overall increase in biodiversity and a positive trend for forest ecosystems.

What you can expect

Our thematic experts Astrid Severin and Magda Michalikova be your guides to discovering the topic of bringing back nature to cities. 

Within the urban context of the City of Ghent and in line with the European aspirations for nature restoration, you will learn during this two-day event how to:

  • Restore urban nature
  • Increase urban biodiversity
  • Uncover urban rivers

To learn more about the topic, explore the agenda

Relevant materials

Study visit: Captain Zeppos park

Participants to the 'Bringing back nature to city' workshop will benefit from a study visit to Captain Zeppos park.