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Rethinking local policies has come to a close. With over 170 attendees, 20 insightful speakers, engaging study visits in Ghent, and ample opportunities for networking, the event was a success.

Thank you all for being part of Rethinking local policies. 

In this section, you will find the event's learning bag as well as a selection of photos of the event and a video summarising your experience.

Learning bag

Dive into our report to explore the key learnings and best practices from Rethinking local policies.



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Spaces for innovation

In this workshop, we explored how local administrations provide physical spaces and policy support for innovation, using FabLab and makerspaces. 

They are flexible tools to address multiple goals such as STEAM education, entrepreneurship, university-industry collaboration, applied research, and addressing local societal challenges.

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Spaces for entrepreneurship

Integrating entrepreneurship and economic development in urban contexts can foster vibrant ecosystems. The 'Spaces for Entrepreneurship' workshop highlighted successful FabLabs and Makerspaces and sparked discussions on building startup cities, with examples from Tartu, Amsterdam, and Szombathely.

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Modern green districts

The workshop focused on transforming derelict industrial areas into sustainable, low-carbon districts that promote community, active mobility, renewable energy, and the circular economy. This transformation is achieved through the integration of sectoral policies.

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Bringing back nature to the city

In this workshop, we explored how authorities can achieve EU Nature restoration and Global Biodiversity Framework targets through pollinator conservation, pollution removal, rewilding, and establishing blue and green infrastructure on derelict sites to support biodiversity.

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