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E-waste management: A collaborative approach

Circular economy
07 Feb 2024
Clock 09 : 00 - 11 : 30 CET
Location In person | Prague, Czech Republic
By Project WEEEWaste

In an initiative connected to the Interreg Europe WEEEWaste project, CTU UCEEB brought together key stakeholders from the Czech Republic’s e-waste sector alongside state bureau representatives for a discussion. This momentous gathering marks a significant step towards cooperation on improving e-waste management practices within the country.

Mr. Michal Tobiáš, the manager of the WEEEWaste international project, kick-started the dialogue by presenting the current state of affairs within both the Czech and European e-waste markets. Drawing upon exemplary practices from project partners across the EU, Tobiáš paved the way for an engaging discourse on overcoming existing challenges.

Representatives from leading e-waste management companies shared valuable insights, pointing to critical issues within the Czech Republic’s legislative framework. These concerns were discussed with counterparts from the Ministry of the Environment and the State
Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic, creating space for a collaborative problem-solving process.

As the Stakeholders Meeting concluded, the groundwork was laid for future negotiations at both national and international levels. These deliberations aim to activate innovative guidelines that will shape the future of e-waste management in the Czech Republic.

Join the Conversation:
WEEEWaste, as collector of the sustainable practices, believes it is imperative that we continue to engage in discussions and drive tangible change in e-waste management. Together, we have the power to enact meaningful solutions and safeguard our planet for generations to come. Stay tuned for further updates as we embark on this transformative journey!