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Insightful articles, engaging videos and other informational content about the WEEEWaste project. 


WEEEWaste - informational videos🎥

WEEEWaste newsletters 📰

WEEEWaste Newsletter - Semester 1

The first newsletter contains information on the Kick-off meeting as well as stakeholder seminars and third party events.

WEEEWaste Newsletter - Semester 2

The 2nd edition of the WEEEWaste newsletter

WEEEWaste Photo Gallery 📸

Consortium at the company Praktik System

Consortium during the study visit at the company Praktik System

WEEEWaste Team during 2nd in-person meeting in Italy

WEEEWaste team during Kick-off meeting at the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Prague

WEEEWaste Team in Campobasso, Italy

Consortium during study visit at company SEA Ambiente S.P.A

Interregional Event Dossiers

Interregional Event Dossier 1

A document describing the project's first interregional event, study visit and workshop.

Interregional Event Dossier 2

Dossier about the 2nd interregional event within the WEEEWaste project, which took place in Campobasso, Italy

Project videos