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Policy-makers and reuse practitioners gather in Slovenia

By Project WEEEWaste
Policy-makers and reuse practitioners during a meeting in the Reuse center in Slovenia

The meeting of the key actors of reuse in Slovenia, which took place on November 23rd 2023 in the REUSE center in Ljubljana, was of key importance for addressing the challenges and opportunities related to the management of electronic waste (WEEE) in Slovenia.

Minister of Environment, Climate and Energy, M.Sc. Bojan Kumer, and the general director of the Directorate for the Environment, mag. Tanja Bolte, highlighted the key importance of managing climate change, with a special emphasis on reducing waste, especially electronic waste. Both emphasized the need for an integrated approach to WEEE waste management, covering both prevention and effective recycling and reuse strategies.

The meeting was also attended by other key reuse operators in Slovenia, with whom important insights, experiences and best practices were shared. The discussion focused on innovative approaches to reducing the amount of electronic waste and improving the processes of its treatment and reuse.

Several key measures have been identified in the field of WEEE waste:

  • Development and implementation of more efficient electronic waste collection and sorting systems.
  • Promoting consumer awareness of the importance of proper disposal of electronic devices.
  • Establishing closer cooperation between electronics manufacturers, waste processors and government agencies.
  • Exploring opportunities to improve recycling and reuse technologies for electronic components.
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