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The power of local energy communities - Ekiola

By Project SIreNERGY

Ekiola Energy Promotions is an association between Krean, a cooperative that creates infrastructures and spaces (architecture and industry), and Basque Energy Agency (Ente Vasco de la Energia). 

Ekiola is a promoter of non-profit citizen consumer cooperatives that build photovoltaic power plants (1 - 5 MW) to fulfill cooperative members' consumption.

Thus, the values of the economic structure of the Basque Country are aligned with Ekiola and allow the involvement of a higher number of neighbors. In this matter, in the future, the photovoltaic solar park, planned to be located on public land near the DWTP (Drinking Water Treatment Station) of Iparragirre, will start up and will allow its supply with clean energy generated.

There are three phases to empower citizens to generate and manage renewable energy for consumption and to implement such projects:

  • Phase 1- Action protocol between the City Council and Regional Government;
  • Phase 2-Set up a Services Cooperative and Promotion where are developed technical and feasibility studies, analysis, and licenses and authorizations are approved. Promotion and socialization are the main steps in this phase because it enrolls public institutions and local associations. Thus local energy community is created;
  • Phase 3-Turnkey constructions and consumption become cooperative. The management is between Ekiola and energy traders, and the maintenance for the PV plant is preventive and corrective.
Renewable energy