Project good practices

ObsCare - Clinical Practice Management Software for Obsterics and...

Summary: The electronic clinical registration system that gives complete support to gynecological and obstetric practice.

Location: Norte, Portugal

Interactive Systems for Healthcare - IS4Health

Summary: The IS4Learning tech is a virtual patient simulator for teaching/training all the skills for an effective cardiopulmonary auscultation procedure.

Location: Norte, Portugal

Health Cluster Portugal (HCP)

Summary: Competitiveness Cluster based in Portugal focused on the research, design, development, manufacturing and commercialization of health-related products/services.

Location: Norte, Portugal

A Toolkit to Prevent, Manage and Control Healthcare Associated...

Summary: Toolkit (an operational framework) designed to support the health professional to improve the prevention and treatment of HAI and antimicrobial resistance.

Location: Lisboa, Portugal

Fall Competence Center

Summary: Searching for solutions applying smartphones to fall related aspects: activity monitoring, human motion analysis, fall detection, risk prediction & prevention

Location: Norte, Portugal

Cross Care

Summary: Cross Care supports the development and implementation of care innovations by offering cross-border living lab infrastructure in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Location: Prov. Antwerpen, Belgium (Belgique-België)

Incubation ecosystem - Design Terminal

Summary: DT aims at developing entrepreneurial ecosystem, creating new community platforms and implanting best international practices.

Location: Dél-Alföld, Hungary (Magyarország)

Resolve: seed funding and boosting health technologies

Summary: Effective ignition program to promote seed projects and start-ups in the health sector, transforming innovative ideas into business ventures and value creation.

Location: Norte, Portugal

Digital Hubs and Champions

Summary: The purpose of Digital Hubs and Champions is to provide online confidence to the citizens and communities to access support services and health care tools.

Location: Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Liverpool City Region (LCR) Combined Authority Single...

Summary: This fund aims to unlock economic potential and accelerate growth. The Fund will be invested, in particular, in projects that generate a ‘return’ within LCR.

Location: Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

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