Project good practices

Health&Care Network Kempen

Summary: The Health and Care Network Kempen reinforces entrepreneurship and collaboration in the sector of Health & Care with the main goal to boost innovation in health

Location: Prov. Antwerpen, Belgium (Belgique-België)


Summary: Development center that builds on telemedical tools and turns medical/IT/economic expertise into specific products and assists startup companies

Location: Dél-Alföld, Hungary (Magyarország)

Personalized health plan application

Summary: Development of a personal health planning methodology and an APP as a telecare/homecare tool for personal health planning.

Location: Other, Afghanistan

Innovation Procurement - Ecoquip

Summary: The aim of the EcoQUIP project was to improve the efficiency, quality and environmental sustainability of healthcare through innovation procurement.

Location: Közép-Magyarország, Hungary (Magyarország)

Health Promoting Office

Summary: Health Promoting Offices provides a direct and effective link between health development activities and curative medicine.

Location: Dél-Dunántúl, Hungary (Magyarország)

Business Ignition Programme (BIP)

Summary: BIP allows technologies developed in academia, to be presented and validated on the market, promoting technology transfer and the creation of new businesses.

Location: Norte, Portugal

A2B Sessions (Academia to Business)

Summary: The A2B Sessions are meetings where research and business meet to build partnerships that increase efficiency in the transfer and valorisation of knowledge.

Location: Norte, Portugal

Biomedical Centre of Simulation

Summary: The Biomedical Centre of Simulation's mission is to provide a training area with clinical scenarios’ simulators (ex:.ER, operative block or intensive care).

Location: Norte, Portugal

Porto4Ageing: Networking Innovation Model

Summary: Porto4Ageing improves health and social innovation ecosystems, linking public and private actions, easing knowledge and results exchange for an active ageing.

Location: Norte, Portugal

Animal Assisted Living and Therapies - Organisational Model

Summary: A multidisciplinar volunteer org that provides assistance dogs as resources to increase independence and self esteem levels of those in need.

Location: Norte, Portugal

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