Project good practices


Summary: ORCHA is part of NHS Englands Innovation Accelerator programme and support many NHS and local government organisations to drive the uptake of digital health.

Location: Merseyside, United Kingdom

Happy Older People (HOP)

Summary: Created by National Museums Liverpool in 2014, the Happy Older People (HOP) network promotes age-friendly arts participation across the Liverpool City Region.

Location: Merseyside, United Kingdom

Health Innovation Campus

Summary: The Health Innovation Campus (HIC) is an initiative of the Máxima Medical Center (MMC) hospital offering incubration services within an open innovation culture.

Location: Noord-Brabant, Netherlands (Nederland)

Cooperative Slimmer Leven 2020

Summary: The Cooperative Slimmer Leven 2020 is a network organisation based in the Brainport Eindhoven Region dedicated to health and health innovation.

Location: Noord-Brabant, Netherlands (Nederland)

Slimmer Leven Challenge - Bringing together different levels of...

Summary: The Slimmer Leven Challenge is a student competition aimed at creating and implementing new healthcare innovation concepts.

Location: Drenthe, Netherlands (Nederland)

LiCalab - Living and Care Lab

Summary: LiCalab assists companies and organisations that launch a new product/service in health or care by involving end users and testing in their own environment.

Location: Prov. Antwerpen, Belgium (Belgique-België)

eHealth Cluster: accelerating the growth in eHealth

Summary: eHealth Cluster work to match technology SMEs, public bodies, professionals, academic and health and social care providers to produce products.

Location: Merseyside, United Kingdom

Health Service Innovation & Design

Summary: This initiative brings together knowledge and expertise in the field of health for digital co-creation.

Location: Merseyside, United Kingdom

Innovation Scouts

Summary: This programme encourages employees in public sector organisations to support new ideas within health care.

Location: Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

STOPandGO- Digitising Domiciliary Care

Summary: This project provides co-financing for Information and Communication Technology enabled healthcare services plus support for flanking measures.

Location: Merseyside, United Kingdom

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