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Emilia-Romagna, new funds for sustainable packaging


A new call for proposal launched in Emilia-Romagna Region, bringing greater...

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Maramures focuses on local quality products


The Maramures’ Action Plan developed within FC4EU project supports the ...

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Regional action plans of FC4EU project


During the second phase of FC4EU project, 5 action plans for sustainable food...

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Good of Maramures, brand for quality local products


"Good of Maramures" Association was founded with the support of Maramures County...

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Flevoland forms regional short chain alliances


Partners in Flevoland work together to create a supply chain for regional food...

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Newsletter no 6/ December, 2019


Newsletter no 6 of FoodChains 4EU project

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Regional action plans for sustainable food chains


The FC4EU partners prepared their regional action plans that will be implemented...

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Internationalization of SMEs - Workshop in Bologna


FoodChains 4EU project communication and dissemination at the Interregional...

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6th Monitoring Board Meeting, in Manchester


The 6th Monitoring Board Meeting of the FoodChains 4 Europe project was held in...

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Feeding Regions: Turning Plans into Action


To mark the end of 1st phase of the FoodChains 4EU project, partners from...

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FC4EU project - the end of phase 1 is approaching


Conference “Feeding Regions: Turning Plans into Action” and Monitoring Board...

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Successful food chains initiatives in Maramures


Two good practices on food chains innovation are identified in Maramures through...

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