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Agenda of the Final Conference FC4EU, 7.10.2021


The online final conference of the FC4EU project will present the project...

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7th of October 2021, Final Conference FC4EU


Save the date: The final conference FC4EU will be held online, broadcasted from...

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Oldham adopted new Food Strategy


The new Oldham Food Partnership board shall be made up of representatives from 3...

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Infrastructure for R&D and innovation in food chains


Bulgaria launched, due to the FC4EU project, initiatives and projects to...

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The future of regional policies in agri-food sector


Emilia-Romagna presented the contribution of Interreg Europe projects FoodChains...

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Strengthening Food Supply Chain Flevoland


The province of Flevoland offers to entrepreneurs a program with various...

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"Bun de Maramureș" label for local food products


43 representative local food products have been included within the Good of...

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Local food supports Flevoland


Flevofood Association launched the Flevourbox and facilitated the initiative...

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Food Communication Board, e-platform in Bulgaria


The e-platform Food Communication Board joins efforts of academia, business and...

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Food Chains Action Plan Progress in Oldham


The Food Innovation and Enterprise Fund has now been established in Oldham and...

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Emilia-Romagna, new funds for sustainable packaging


A new call for proposal launched in Emilia-Romagna Region, bringing greater...

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Maramures focuses on local quality products


The Maramures’ Action Plan developed within FC4EU project supports the ...

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