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31 May - 1 June
Zebrastraat I Ghent I Belgium
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1 June

13:30 - 16:30

Policy advice and group discussions

After the official closure of the event, and based on requests submitted by the participants, we will organise 6 matchmaking sessions and 1 group discussion. This is the maximum capacity under this event.

The topics are:

  1. How to support positive energy districts (PEDs) and district-level deep renovations?
    Location: Panamarenko hall
  2. From S3 priority selection to actions
    Location: Honoré D'O hall
  3. How can the Province Oost-Vlaanderen support local governments in strengthening the local circular economy
    Location: Nick Ervinckl hall
  4. Zoom in Fab Labs
    Location: Piranhazaal hall
  5. Wide-area SUMPs
    Location: Panamarenko hall
  6. Creating Spaces for innovation in Keratsini-Drapetsona municipality
    Location: Honoré D'O hall
  7. Connecting green spaces in Antwerp
    Location: Nick Ervinckl hall

What is a matchmaking?

A matchmaking session is a two-hour in-depth discussion with a selected group of experts around a specific policy challenge that is put forward by the person asking for it. The discussion is designed and moderated by the Platform thematic experts.

If you would be interested to benefit of this service in the future, you can always submit an application via this simple form