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31 May - 1 June
Zebrastraat I Ghent I Belgium
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1 June

9:00 - 11:00

Piranhazaal hall
Spaces for entrepreneurship
SME competitiveness

Urban integrated approaches to entrepreneurship 

Introduction from thematic experts, including reflections on Day 1 

Examples from the Interreg Europe community, a panel discussion with a Q&A session:

  • Szombathely 2030innovation ecosystem for a resilient knowledge economy,  Adrienn Bokanyi, Municipality of Szombathely, FOUNDATION project  
  • Area-Based Collaborative Entrepreneurship in Amsterdam, Hennie Loos – Municipality of Amsterdam, Iris Hagemans – Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, ABCities project 
  • Kaili Ojamets – TARTU - The most sTARTUp-minded city in the world

Working groups

Following the short presentation on good practices, we will discuss the challenges and opportunities for the development of entrepreneurial activities in urban environments


René Tönnisson

René Tönnisson

Thematic Expert for Smarter Europe, Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform
Mart Veliste

Mart Veliste

Thematic Expert for Smarter Europe and More Social EuropeInterreg Europe Policy Learning Platform