[NEWS] KAINUU: e-mobility incentives in Finland

An orchestrated strategy for the encouragement of electro-mobility organised by the private sector in Finland.


In Finland, electro-mobility starts to be supported by the private sector, through an orchestrated approach, bringing together chain stores and electricity providers. In the past, the model followed was that many of the quick chargers were individual. One new characteristic is that there are from now on more charging sockets per charging station. At the end of last year, there were 365 sockets for quick charging, according to a review by the Technology Industry (Tesla stations are not included). The multiple charging equipment is produced by a Finnish company.

The approach was tested successfully and with positive results in Lahti (southern Finland) during 2019-2020.

The largest supermarket chains (S Group, K Group, Lidl) and their associated branches are planning to massively install electrical charging stations in the parking lots of their outlets. The first stations in the Pukinmäki and Itäkeskus outlets in the Helsinki area will test this approach first. It is estimated that by 2024 some 1250 charging stations will be installed all around Finland, out of which 120 are planned for 2021.

Electricity providers do not own the chargers themselves; they can be owned by property owners or local power companies. Power (electricity) is managed by chargers’ background systems and the application in which they are used. There are two important businesses owning and managing charging stations in Finland. Investments are estimated to be some 10 000 000€ during this year.

The importance of this piece of news relating to electrical mobility is that this coordinated approach promotes electromobility systemically, through an orchestrated approach that creates a new market at national level.

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