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[NEWS] Romanian drivers are buying more e-vehicles


The number of e-cars registered in Romania has increased. This shows the growing...

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[NEWS] 100% electric logistic vehicle in Flanders


Trens-Logic is a vehicle 100% electric. This mobility project is one of the...

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[news] E-mobility, 30 charging stations in Brescia


An investment of about 7 and a half million euros for the installation of new...

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[news] Memorandum on e-mobility signed in Latvia


In Latvia, an e-mobility memorandum of cooperation has been signed by the...

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[NEWS] Rogaland tests mobility hub


Electric kick scooters, city bikes, car sharing and public transport are all...

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[NEWS] Stakeholder group meeting in Kainuu


The Regional Council of Kainuu, e-MOPOLI PP6, is organising a stakeholder group...

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[NEWS] Online event for e-mobility implementation


November, 4 took place an on-line event for the e-mobility implementation in the...

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[news] Planning for e-vehicles’ charging stations


In accordance with the new Greek law for e-mobility, Greece is working on a...

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[NEWS] Flanders: 18 new e-charging infrastructure


During Summertime Flanders launched its new subsidy call regarding semipublic...

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[NEWS] A Greek law for the promotion of e-mobility


In July 2020, the first Greek law for the promotion of e-mobility was enacted....

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[NEWS] Zemgale: e-bus has carried 5,000 passengers


The opening event of the electric autonomous bus in Zemgale took place on August...

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[NEWS] e-mobility in the municipalities of Gorenjska


In the second part of 2020 municipalities in Gorenjska statistical region are...

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