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[NEWS] e-MOPOLI in the webinar on energy efficiency


The e-MOPOLI project mentioned in the Webinar "Energy efficiency: an opportunity...

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[NEWS] New services on the Slovenian mobility market


GiroMobility: a Slovenian company assembling e-bikes and developing high-tech...

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[NEWS] World’s first fully electric fast ferry


The EU funded Horizon 2020 TrAM project will develop a zero emission fast going...

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[NEWS] Summer in Jelgava: e-boat tourism


In Jelgava tourism, residents and visitors can use e-boats, which are offered by...

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[NEWS] The future of hydrogen trains in Italy


Alstom and Snam companies signed a five-year agreement with FS Group to develop...

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[NEWS] Leasing scheme makes e-bikes affordable


Home-Work-Home mobility scheme allows Rogaland employees to pay off an electric...

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[NEWS] Rombat will produce batteries for e-cars


Starting in spring 2020 Rombat manufacturer will produce batteries for electric...

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[NEWS] 43 new regional hybrid trains in Italy


Trenitalia (FS group) will produce 43 new hybrid trains in the Hitachi factories...

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[NEWS] Electrifying the port to reduce emissions


The energy company Lyse and Port of Stavanger are now collaborating to create...

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[NEWS] Two new apps for Bucharest public transport


Bucharest Transport Company launched two new apps to increase travel efficiency...

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[NEWS] Natural gas-fuelled buses: a positive picture


The positive experience of the first bus park in Zemgale region (Latvia) that...

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[NEWS] A new public transport strategy for Rogaland


Rogaland County Council has developed an environmental strategy providing...

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