Project good practices

Electrical Retrofit of a Minicar

Summary: Education and training of technical experts, development of new business, local and employment development, environmental protection.

Location: Calabria, Italy (Italia)

City Logistics in Calabria Region

Summary: The aim of the Good Practice is to reduce the urban areas freight vehicles traffic congestion for the restocking of commercial activities.

Location: Calabria, Italy (Italia)

“Meglio Muoversi” project – PILS – to promote sustainable...

Summary: To overcome the lack of public shared mobility

Location: Calabria, Italy (Italia)

Cycle Path Implementation Program - Regional Transport Plan of...

Summary: The aim of the Good Practice is the development of cycle lanes throughout the region to stimulate the creation of new activities in the transport sector

Location: Calabria, Italy (Italia)

Public tender for the development of charging infrastructure...

Summary: To overcome the lack of diffusion of charging infrastructure

Location: Calabria, Italy (Italia)

Vehicle to grid in the energy communities

Summary: The aim is to make the end-user aware and proactive of managing their own energy consumptions.

Location: Calabria, Italy (Italia)

Electric cars for municipal services

Summary: Electric cars for municipal services

Location: Latvija, Latvia (Latvija)

Website about environment friendly vehicles

Summary: A lack of knowledge about zero emission cars within society.

Location: Prov. West-Vlaanderen, Belgium (Belgique-België)

Zero-emission transition through project funding

Summary: One of the main barriers for the breakthrough of electric vehicles is the lack of knowledge and experience.

Location: Prov. Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium (Belgique-België)

Green Deal instrument (governance)

Summary: Green deals are models to define and reach goals in a public-private partnership, in this case in order to stimulate electric carsharing in Flanders.

Location: Prov. Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium (Belgique-België)

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