Project News

[NEWS] A satisfied electric car driver from Kainuu


New car sales have started to pick up this autumn, but driving a full electric...

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[NEWS] What is the best fuel for your new car?


Mr Kari Pitkänen from Kainuun Sanomat compared the pros and cons of gas,...

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[SE1] Impressions from Bucharest staff exchange


e-MOPOLI first Staff Exchange in Bucharest: participants impressions

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[WRSG2] Regional stakeholder workshop in Brescia


Lead partner Province of Brescia organized the second stakeholder regional...

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[WRSG2] Policy preparation for implementation of AFV


Ministry of Infrastructure, Slovenia and Regional Development Agency of...

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[RT4] Debating on e-mobility situation in Slovenia


Round table session for the midterm Project Learning Process Meeting in Bled on...

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[IPE4] E-charging goals and challenges in Slovenia


After less than a decade, e-charging in the capital of Slovenia is payable

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[ARTICLE] Biogas vehicle engagement in Kainuu


Enabling biogas-fuelled vehicles by ensuring engagement in Kainuu

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[IPE4] AFV in Slovenian passenger public transport


Experience and vision of implementing alternative fuelled vehicles in Slovenian...

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[IPE4] E-mobility and business synergy in Slovenia


Avant2Go (e-car, e-bikes sharing system) and Podkrižnik (E’DYN e-boats)...

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[NEWS] Many charging points, yet less EV in Kainuu


E-car charging points in Kainuu Region has increased during the latest years but...

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[ILW4] E-cars misleading myths: a mindset to change


Alternative mobility brings new dimensions of action - both for the automotive...

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