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Third Stakeholder Meeting in Romania on 9th April!

By Project Down to Earth
Third Stakeholder Meeting Romania

On April 9th, our partner Meteo Romania (National Meteorological Administration of Romania) hosted the third Down to Earth Stakeholder Meeting in Bucharest. This meeting followed the Study Visit in Western Greece and started the activities of Year 2, on the topic of Access barriers to young farmers in depopulated areas.

After a brief presentation of the project by Meteo Romania, Representatives from the Agency for Financing Rural Investments (RIFA) and Agency for Payments and Intervention for Agriculture (MARD) presented their respective roles with supporting young farmers in Romania.

They highlighted the financial support available to young farmers through past and current funding programmes (for instance in the National Rural Development Program in the period 2007-2013 and in the current Romanian CAP Strategic Plan 23-27. Measures include direct funding to new entrants.

Collaboration between agencies like RIFA and Meteo Romania underscores the importance of addressing climate change challenges. By leveraging meteorological data and innovative research, farmers can better adapt to changing environmental conditions and enhance productivity.

As Down to Earth continues its mission to foster sustainable rural development, these stakeholder meetings serve as crucial forums for collaboration and exchange of ideas and ensure actual impact on rural communities.

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