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Call for offers: Video recording in Greece


Call for offers: Video recording in Central Macedonia Region, Greece

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High level dissemination event/Final conference held


The Cult-RInG High-level dissemination event / Final Conference was held online...

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St Paul's footsteps candidate Cultural Route of CoE


The European Cultural Route: "In the footsteps of St Paul, the Apostle of the...

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Vidzeme Action Plan implementation, Latvia


Vidzeme's Action Plan implemented during Phas 2 in 2019 with great results in...

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St James Way Cultural Route actions in N. Portugal


Alst Minho Inter-Municipal Community has made good progress in the action plan...

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Central Macedonia Action Plan implementation


Central Macedonia Region in Greece has made good progress in the implementation...

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Västra Götaland actions: St Olav Ways Cultural Route


Västra Götaland Region progress in action plan implementation and monitoring,...

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Pafos Action Plan implementation progress in 2019


The Pafos Action Plan was approved by the JS in early 2019 and has been under...

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Lazio action in Via Francigena South Cultural Route


Lazio Region has progressed in its action plan implementation to the promotion...

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'Argonautica' Cultural Route wins ECTN Award!


‘Argonauts’ return’: a transnational Cultural Tourism Route based on Intangible...

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Via Francigena wins Cultural Tourism Award !


'Via Francigena Cultural Route has won 2nd prize in the 'Destination of...

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VTA's Action wins Cultural Tourism Award 1st prize!


Iron Curtain Trail – Euro Velo 13 Cultural Route of the Council of Europe won...

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