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Newsletter No 3 Cult-RInG Chronicle published


Chronicle Newsletter issue 3 published for semester 3 (january-June 2018)

Type: Project

Cult-RInG meets Council of Europe 6 Cultural Routes


A joint meeting of the Cult-RInG Steering Group and the Council of Europe EICR...

Type: Project

2nd Workshop on Capitalisation of Good Practices


The 2nd Workshop took place in Vastra Gotaland region, Sweden on 18-19 April...

Type: Project

Cult-RInG at ITB Berlin tourism exhibition 2018


Cult-RInG project was promoted at the ITB tourism exhibition in Berlin, on 8-11...

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Stakeholder Groups first meetings in partner regions


The first Stakeholder Group meetings took place in partner regions

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Newsletter No 2 Cult-RInG Chronicle published


Chronicle 2nd Issue published with news on assessment of existing cultural...

Type: Project

2nd Press release issued


Press Release No 2 on 'Assessment of the benefits of existing cultural routes'...

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Cult-RInG & European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018


Cult-RInG project to be labelled for the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018...

Type: Project

Experience with existing cultural routes


With the participation of the Latvian State Inspectorate of Heritage, a Member...

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Cult-RInG kick-off meeting


The Cult-RInG project kick-off meeting took place in Thessaloniki, on 20 - 21...

Type: Project

Cult-RInG in the Launch of Green Pilgrimage


European Cultural Tourism Network presented Cult-RInG project in the Launch...

Type: Project

Cultural Routes as Investment for Growth and Jobs


The only project that focuses on Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe has...

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