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1st Stakeholder Meeting - Lfu State Office of Environment

By Project CORE

Conclusions to the 1st Stakeholder Meeting from Lfu - State Office of Environment Brandenburg

This first stakeholder meeting focussed on presenting the CORE project to the stakeholders, namely to the public waste authorities from the counties, operators of organic waste processing plants, experts for composting and quality control of composts, and the policy owner (the Ministry for Agriculture, Environment and Climate Protection). The following topics were presented:

  • Interreg Europe Programme in general 

  • purpose, tasks, and objectives of the CORE project in detail

  • time scale and phases of the CORE Project 

  • introduction of the 8 partners

  • purpose of the Action Plan 

  • presentation of good practices and lessons learned

  • policy instrument of Brandenburg (waste management plan) 

The stakeholders discussed organic waste management in general, the good practices, the advantages and disadvantages of home composting, and how to avoid organic waste disposal in the bin for municipal waste. It was consensus, that one of the main problems to be solved is the impurities in organic wastes, such as e.g. plastics.

The stakeholders are interested in topics and partner’s actions regarding

  • solution of reducing impurities   

  • waste disposal fees and effects on customs

  • use of compost and demand for compost

  • projects of waste prevention

which should be addressed and discussed in the next partner meetings.

Overall, the stakeholders meeting was very successful. Due to lack of time and the unexpected high response, the discussion could not be finished.

However, the stakeholders are highly interred in further connecting and are looking forward to meeting again in the next semester.