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Evaluation report 1st Thematic Seminar

Report on the 1st Thematic Seminar

Good Practices

Good Practice on Food Waste Reduction

According to data from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO, (2011)1, one third of the produced food goes to waste at some stage in the food chain worldwide. Food waste is not only a problem on the economy, but it has also severe damaging effects on the environment. The aim of this guide is to shed light on the reasons of food waste production in primary production, and also to familiarize the reader with food waste categories and their economic and environmental effects.

Promotional Material

1st Project Brochure

CORE focuses on the promotion and mainstreaming of composting and anaerobic digestion, in rural areas across Europe. Good practices for preventing and recycling bio-waste from 8 European countries will be presented to improve policy instruments for the treatment of source separated and separately collected bio-waste and their sustainable use.