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By Project ZCI

WHEN: 17 - 18.10.2023.

WHERE: Cork, Ireland.

2nd Masterclass, focused on Sustainable Urban Logistics, was held in the city of Cork, Ireland. Stakeholders (mobility experts, municipal experts, mobility companies representatives) with different expertise and experience in the field of mobility were present. Participants were introduced with the concept of mobility hubs, their typology and examples across Europe.

Another panel of the Masterclass focused on local initiatives related to sustainability and eco-friendly mobility.

- Douglas Street Flower Shop and Neighbour Food Hub. Both initiatives have incorporated sustainable mobility into their daily job by delivering products either by bike or zero carbon vehicles, as well as use whenever possible local goods.

- Cargo Bikes – usage and advantages with multiple examples from Germany, Sweeden.

Participants did a site visit to Douglas Street Flower Shop and received a first- hand information for the opportunities and challenges in running a small business in a sustainable manner.

The decarbonisation of large businesses was another topic covered during the Masterclass. Stakeholders had the chance to receive an in- depth information about the sustainable development of post services provider in Ireland An Post, achieved results and future plans. Now 30% of An Post fleet currently runs on alternative fuel sources to diesel. This includes EVs and Heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) that run on HVO fuel. Target for 2025 is 50% of the fleet to run on alternative fuel sources.

Presentations from 2nd Masterclass.

Sustainable mobility