Project Events

Presentation of WINPOL to Maltese SMEs


The Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) has organised an online event on...

Type: Project

Innovative tarification


The third and last WINPOL Thematic Seminar focused on innovative tarification.

Type: Project

Domače in tuje dobre prakse v ravnanju z odpadki


Inhabitants of Maribor discovered the WINPOL project.

Type: Project

Innovative Waste Collection, Prevention & Recycling

19/11/2019 - 21/11/2019

The City of Antwerp is organising the second WINPOL thematic seminar dedicated...

Type: Project

Smart waste, better tomorrow


Experts from the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Innovation...

Type: Project

Presentation of WINPOL to Cretan SMEs


WINPOL communication event for Greek SMEs organised by the Municipality of...

Type: Project

Introduction to WINPOL for ANEPMA


EMULSA presented WINPOL and the good practices identified by the project to...

Type: Project

WINPOL for Greek ICT experts


WINPOL for Experts in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and...

Type: Project

Presentation of WINPOL to ICT experts in Gijón


EMULSA invited ICT experts in Gijón to learn more about WINPOL.

Type: Project

Meer data, minder afval


The first WINPOL communication event for Antwerp took place on 21 May 2019.

Type: Project