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What's next until May 2020?


After looking at what is being done around Europe, WINPOL will now firmly get...

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Outcomes of WINPOL local dissemination events


Interesting conclusions are brought forward after each event organised by the...

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Waste management in pocketsize metropolis Antwerp


WINPOL partner the city of Antwerp, second biggest city in Belgium, briefly...

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WINPOL finds innovation in Belgium


The WINPOL thematic seminar in Antwerp in November 2019 was accompanied by three...

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WINPOL adds 11 new good practices to its database


During its 2nd thematic seminar the WINPOL project discovered 11 new practices...

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Eveniment de promovare al proiectului WINPOL


Consiliul Judeţean Mehedinţi a organizat în data de 07/11/2019 un eveniment de...

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ACR+ launches "More circularity, less carbon”


With the More circularity, less carbon campaign, ACR+ encourages local public...

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Autonomous robotic system for urban waste recycling


An autonomous robotic system capable of categorizing and separating recyclable...

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WINPOL Leaflet now in Romanian


The WINPOL Leaflet is now also available in Romanian.

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A stakeholder's view on the Imola study visit


WINPOL is not only benefiting partners but also their stakeholders who can take...

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WINPOL featured in a poster exhibition in Bilbao


WINPOL contributed with a poster to the final event of the European project...

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WINPOL cumple un año con visita técnica a Imola


Resumen de las jornadas de trabajo WINPOL en Imola.

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