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Multistakeholder Forum on Regional Hydrogen Strategy in Bari

By Project UNLOCK

On 28 November 2023, the Puglia Region and ARTI (Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation) organized a forum in Bari, Italy, titled "#H2Puglia2030 – Regional Hydrogen Strategy: Current Status and Prospects". #H2Puglia2030 is the name of the regional hydrogen strategy, which was approved in 2022. The event, which also saw the participation of DiTNE (National Energy Technological Cluster), served as an open dialogue among key regional stakeholders, setting the stage for innovative discussions on the region's hydrogen future.  


The initiative aimed to explore regional policies on the energy transition and the hydrogen strategy, focusing on ongoing projects and analyzing their economic and occupational impacts. On this occasion, Mr. Francesco Corvace, Head of the Energy and Alternative and Renewable Sources Service at the Puglia Region, presented the Interreg UNLOCK project to the public, explaining objectives and opportunities.  


All discussions and presentations were framed with a focus on 2030, providing a comprehensive view of the regional strategy #H2Puglia2030 across its five predefined development areas:  


  • Production; storage and distribution of hydrogen; using hydrogen in hard-to-abate sectors; mobility and transport 

  • Manufacturing chain 

  • Research 

  • Development and innovation 

  • Transversal actions 


The analyses and scenarios considered national and European dimensions, including the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR). You can watch a video about the event (in Italian) here


The event underscored the Puglia Region's dedication to sustainability, positioning the hydrogen strategy as a cornerstone of regional policy. Puglia emerges as a leading Italian region in renewable energies, aiming to become an energy hub capable of navigating the energy transition successfully. Hydrogen, integral to this vision, is a key element for the industrial transformation of the territory. The UNLOCK project represents a significant opportunity to learn best practices in this area from other progressive European regions. 

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