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Wheelchair tour in the BremerhavenGuide

By Project TOURBO

The third tour of the digital guest guide of Erlebnis Bremerhaven GmbH is aimed specifically at people who are travelling with a wheelchair, walker or pram or who have other mobility impairments. The "wheelchair tour" leads about two kilometres through the Havenwelten and the pedestrian zone and provides exciting and interesting information about the history and present of this area. "The route is characterised by a predominantly flat routing and it provides several places to sit and rest, making it ideal for all Bremerhaven fans with a mobility restriction," explains André Lomsky, Managing Director of Erlebnis Bremerhaven GmbH. "We are thus expanding the digital offer for self-explorers of our city to now include three very attractive, guided tours," adds Tanja Albert from Erlebnis Bremerhaven GmbH, who worked out the route for wheelchair users. The "BremerhavenGuide" with its three tours and lots of other information about Bremerhaven as a destination can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store and Google Playstore.

The "wheelchair tour", which has been available since today, starts at the Weser, takes a look at the history of the Strandhalle, provides information about the unusual building on the dyke - the Atlantic Hotel Sail City - and continues on to both shopping miles. Sculptures, such as the Granatfrau a sculpture of a old market woman, called "Mother Matschuck", sat on a small stool and sold crabs by the pound from her handcart, in the pedestrian zone of bremerhven and the Mayor Schmidt Monument, are also part of the tour, which ends at the New Harbour railway carriage. The selfguided tour lasts around 100 minutes and can also be done in bites. "The best thing is to experience the wheelchair tour on site, but since the short information texts have also been recorded, it can also be done on the sofa at home," André Lomsky encourages its use.

For a year now, the "BremerhavenGuide" has been taking visitors on exciting journeys of discovery through the city, with its many faces and stories. With videos, audio stories, pictures and texts, the mobile phone app offers a varied experience, including augmented reality (AR) and 360-degree views. You can experience a historical tour with 20 exciting stops and a tour of the fishing port, which includes 23 spots on the history and present of the "deep freeze of Europe". A special tour on the subject of the energy transition is also in its final stages.

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