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Rural tourism to fight depopulation


The Provincial Government of Zaragoza, together with some of the Spanish...

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Cooperation, an improvement driver


On the 22 of April, MOMAr organised an international meeting to share and debate...

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III MOMAr Interregional meeting, second session


The second session of the III Interregional Meeting of MOMAr took place on 25...

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III MOMAr Interregional meeting, first session


The third interregional meeting of MOMAr took place on the 24 and 25 of Marc, on...

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Groningen works on the design of a Pilot Action


Representatives from 7 different organizations from the Province of Groningen...

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Zaragoza, case of study on the Green Transition


MOMAr scientific coordinator, Irene Ruiz, participated in the Green Transition...

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Interview with Castles on Malše river association


We talk with Radek Kocanda, the director of HNM, about near-future plans of...

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Third regional stakeholder meeting in Saxony-Anhalt


The Ministry of Regional Development and Transport of Saxony-Anhalt hosted its...

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Lead partner holds its second stakeholder meeting


MOMAr’s lead partner, the Provincial Government of Zaragoza, held its second...

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Interview to Groningen Historic Churches Foundation


MOMAr interview the director of the Groningen Historic Churches Foundation,...

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Good practices workshop


MOMAr partners met to discuss the results of IEE of Groningen and to plan...

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Impact of COVID in the heritage management field


The European project MOMAr (Models of Management for Singular Rural Heritage) of...

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