Project News

MOMAr, part of Transromanica online meeting


This September, MOMAr’s project was part of the agenda on the Transromanica...

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DPZ meeting with stakeholder ADRAE


MOMAr lead partner, DPZ, organizes a meeting with the local action group of the...

Type: Project

Interreg Community meets in Saxony-Anhalt


Meeting of the Interreg Community in Saxony-Anhalt

Type: Project

Exchange of experiences for Heritage Label


This September Corsican Regional Authority, one of MOMAr partners, held their...

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Interview to Tarazona Monumental Foundation


MOMAr interviews the manager director of Tarazona Monumental Foundation, Julio...

Type: Project

RERA second stakeholder meeting


RERA a.s. – Regional Development Agency of South Bohemia, MOMAr partners in the...

Type: Project

Study on heritage management models in rural areas


The European programme MOMAr is conducting a study in the management of their...

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II stakeholder meeting of Mehedinti County Council


Mehedinti County Council (Rumania) held its second stakeholder meeting.

Type: Project

MOMAr stakeholders back on track after Corona break


Ministry for Regional Development and Transport of Saxony Anhalt held their...

Type: Project

DPZ performs its first MOMAr Tour


The Zaragoza Provincial Council continues to work to advertise the project and...

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II stakeholder meeting in the Province of Groningen


Province of Groningen held their second stakeholder meeting focused on...

Type: Project

Corsica welcome MOMAr I Interregional event


The European programme MOMAr (Models of Management for Singular Rural Heritage)...

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