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LIMASAM collaborates to reduce waste at Davis Cup

By Project MINEV

LIMASAM has actively collaborated in the organisation of the Davis Cup, held in Málaga, with the aim of promoting the recovery of selective waste and minimising waste generation in large-scale events. During the Final 8 of the Davis Cup 2023, which took place from 21 to 26 November, LIMASAM played a crucial role in managing the generated waste.

One of the standout initiatives was the campaign that allowed citizens to obtain tickets to the tournament by depositing three glass bottles in special containers. This innovative action, developed in collaboration with Ecovidrio and the International Tennis Federation (ITF), had the support of the Málaga City Council.

Prior to the event's start, LIMASAM conducted a comprehensive analysis of the waste expected to be generated in all stages of the tournament, including paper, glass, packaging, organic waste, and flooring materials, among others. This study allowed determining the fractions of waste present and establishing efficient segregation and management strategies.

As a result of these actions, there was a 44% increase in the total amount of selective waste collected compared to the previous year. Specifically, the fractions of packaging, glass, paper, and organic products increased by 3%, 18%, 103%, and 95% respectively.

In summary, LIMASAM's collaboration in the Davis Cup 2023 has significantly contributed to improving waste management and promoting sustainable practices in large-scale sports events.

Read more: https://limpiezademalaga.es

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